Zine Review: emma stronach’s ‘book art’

book-artWe’ve asked 3000 BOOKS blogger and Story To… contributor Estelle Tang to join the team as our new zine reviewer. Here’s what she thought about Book Art:

There’s something about the unsullied propriety of a book that makes me feel both at ease and on edge. Clearly, effort and care go into the creation of a book in truckloads. But the more difficult or deified the contents, the more I wonder what it would be like to tear it up and shake it around. Emma Stronach’s Book Art zine is a gorgeous reminder of this feeling. Emma has taken the pages of her old music textbook and ripped them up, creating sixteen pages of collage and catastrophe that are sometimes delicate and sometimes irreverent. In this way, a book that used to convey information in one way has been transformed with browns, blues, greens, shellac, pen and glue into something totally different and delightful. Book Art comes in two sizes – A6 ($5) and A5 ($10). I have the little version, but the larger version is printed on cardstock and can be taken apart as individual artworks. Book Art is available here.



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2 responses to “Zine Review: emma stronach’s ‘book art’

  1. Well, in truth Emma hasn’t actually ripped her music textbook apart – there is an original version of this zine that IS her music textbook. When turning this book artwork into a zine she laid each double page spread down on a scanner and went hell for leather scanning in the pages. Emma’s one of those people who will work towards bettering herself and her forms of art and that’s definitely to be commended. She’s worked through a few different sizes in this and different ways of making her zine accessible. I think everyone should try and get a copy of this zine, Book Art.

  2. Quite right my avian friend, damn good way of describing it too 😉

    I did rip up other books to go in it…. lets see… Three Men in a Boat, Gray’s Anatomy (not the show), poetry by Catullus… all sorts of stuff, so I could play with different fonts and images.

    It did feel reeeeeally good to rip up books, even though I am a total book nerd. I guess it’s like that naughty thrill you get when you’re sneaking lollies when your mum isn’t watching.

    Thankyou so much for the beautiful review Estelle, I’m so glad you liked Book Art 🙂


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